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Direct Advertisement Program : Want your business to appear on our Sites? You're only steps away from advertising on this site.

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Very Prospective site for Tour Operators, Travel Agency, Hotels & Restaurants, Tourism Industry, Real Estate, Manpower Consultants, Banks and Financial Institutions, Matrimotials, Classisfieds, Jobs Site, Islamic Donation Sites, Other Sufi Dargahs and places of Worship.

Our Aim of Advertisement is just to cover the Cost of Maintenance of these Religious Sites which is very nominal hence our Ads Rates are one of the cheapest on the Net, If you woule like to Advertise on this site or know more about our rates please contact us at sazeim2004@hotmail.com.

We Also Offer Following Services :
- Domain Registration.
- Web Hosting.
- Web Designing.
- Bulk SMS International and Local.
- Software Development Services.

Our Audience : We have daily Unique Visitors from the following Countries:

# Report by Google Analytics
# Profile Name: www.aulia-e-hind.com
# Date Range: Weekly Report

Country                       Visits   
United Kingdom            356
India                          215
United States              150
Pakistan                      82
Canada                       36
Saudi Arabia                36
U.A.E. (Dubai)              27
South Africa                23
Netherlands                 20
Malaysia                     16
France                        10
Singapore                    10

Also we have Daily Unique Visitors from :-
Uzbekistan, Togo, Tanzania, Switzerland, Egypt, Trinidad and Tobago, Bosnia, Israel, Bangladesh, Europe, Ghana, Qatar, Norway, Brazil, Czech Republic, Maldives, Brunei Darussalam, Cote D'Ivoire, Philippines, Myanmar, Lebanon, Iran, Lithuania, Ethiopia, Mexico, Benin, Greece, Turkey, New Zealand, Indonesia, Russian Federation, Senegal, Portugal, Kenya, Belgium, Hong Kong, Denmark, Yugoslavia, Thailand, Kuwait, Sweden, Germany, Nigeria, Jamaica, Australia, Mauritius.




















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